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UK Designed, European Manufactured

BS EN 61000-6-3:1997



... quality designed LED solutions



Easi LED Lux Award 2013

Working with:

Solar LED Specifications:

20w System

+ 20w LED Light Head Unit 2600 lums, with 391 Wh, 11.1v Lithium Batteries

+ 80w 18v Mono Cell Solar Panel

+ Pole Height: 3m

30w System

40w System

50w System

+ 30w LED Light Head Unit 4200 lums, with 488 Wh, 11.1v Lithium Batteries

+ 100w 18v Mono Cell Solar Panel

+ Pole Height: 4m

+ 40w LED Light Head Unit 5000 lums, with 548 Wh, 11.1v Lithium Batteries

+ 110w 18v Mono Cell Solar Panel

+ Pole Height: 5m

+ 50w LED Light Head Unit 5800 lums, with 635 Wh, 11.1v Lithium Batteries

+ 110w 18v Mono Cell Solar Panel

+ Pole Height: 6m



+ led chip is Philips LumiLed delivering 130 lm/W, with an Osram Driver, system has an L70 of 70,000 hours

+ Lithium,11.1v 18500 Li[NicoMn]o2, batteries are designed to discharge to 50%, and have a 1000 cycle life minimum

+ Lights are factory set for: 3 hours 100%, 5 hours 50%, and dead of night setting 4 hours 30%

+ Solar panel frame is fully adjustable for maximum light, and comes with MC4 connnectors

+ All steelwork is galvanised, and coloured black

+ Best suited for urban parks, carparks, commercial areas, country roads, small housing areas and areas off grid.

+ Not suited for areas of tall buildings or growing trees and shrubs, to avoid shade on solar panel

+ System designed to work for three days of shade, if location has long cloudy periods this system may not suit

+ If remote system is misused or light levels are increased to often this will deminish the battery life

Product Ref:  S20W

Product Ref:  S30W

Product Ref:  S40W

Product Ref:  S50W