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UK Designed, European Manufactured

BS EN 61000-6-3:1997



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Easi LED Lux Award 2013

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Option 1 Designed to meet existing conditions

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Option 2: CL27W

Option Two

Most suitable for existing street lights with a good quality casing and perspex cover.

Comes in Daylight White [4000k].

Also available in 36w and 54w

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This 'designed to suit light engine comes in wattages and lenses to light the road to relevant standards, and comes in either an E27 or E40 fitting









+ CREE LED chips - Cree use highly efficient materials that allow them to manufacture high intensity LED's that supply high lums per watt, but not at the cost of high temperatures, which is what shortens an LED chips lifespan

+ Meanwell drivers - market leading power supplies that deliver a harmonic current that helps the lifespan of the LED chip  

Option One


This well designed and constructed 27w unit is 113mm wide, 80mm deep and 243mm long.

Using Philips 3030 SMD chips, it produces 3200 lums, with a beam angle of 150 degree.


Colour: 4000k

CRI: 75

Power factor: 91

IP Rating: ip51

Operating temp: -40 to +50c

Cert:  RoSH, CE and DLC

Warranty: 5 years

Life span@ 50,000 hours


More tech details can be supplied