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UK Designed, European Manufactured

BS EN 61000-6-3:1997



... quality designed LED solutions



Easi LED Lux Award 2013

Working with:

G24 LED 8W LAMP cibse ce

Other LED Lighting Solutions:

Once payment has been received, we will send out the full condsultancy pack for your choosen light options, including;


 PRODUCT COSTS - from the manufacturer, including delivery, customs and import taxes, along with a time schedule

 COST ANALYSIS - upfront cost v energy savings, paybacks [usually around 2 years on bulbs that will last up to 12 years]

 MAINTENANCE SAVINGS - 5 year analysis over cost savings with no bulbs to replace

 CO2 SAVINGS - details of the carbon tonnage your home will be saving over 5 years

The package you receive

Final Options

After you have received discounted prices and your full technical and fitting specifications you may want to go straight to ordering the product as detailed.

If so send us an email to HOME ORDER, quoting your referance, we will forward you a                   payment link


But you may want to take these options first;



                     You may want to purchase samples of the lights you have choosen.   Email us at [email protected] and we will supply a sample price [ this will be slightly higher than the full order price]


                     You would like a home visit to measure and quote for your full lighting needs, and supply a full technical presentation, we only cover UK and Ireland with this service and there will be a cost

Send us your reference number, home address and contact details to; HOME VISITATION REQUEST

option 1;

option 2;

queries to

[email protected] make

sure you include

ref number

More Quality LED Light Options

PIC102 Easi LED

Click on the catalogue links below to view the range of quality local designed LED lights, full technical sales support and strong customer service can be offered from our resident teams in Belfast, Dublin, Ennis, London and Dubai.

If you have a specific lighting requirement talk to us via our contact page and we can develop a solution

Ceiling Light Panel Lights Downlighter Canopy Light
Easi LED

Panel Lights, strip lighting, emergency lighting


Ceiling lights, linear lighting, tube lighting

Canopy lighting,explosive lighting

Hibay lighting, flood lighting, billboard lighting, carpark lighting, solar lighting

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