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UK Designed, European Manufactured

BS EN 61000-6-3:1997



... quality designed LED solutions



Easi LED Lux Award 2013

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LED Retrofit Modules for existing street lighting:

The latest designed in the UK technology that allows the existing E40/E27 light head fitting to be removed and a complete retrofitted LED [including driver] with E40 fitting to be installed.

Systems are available for all common existing HPS and LPS light heads.


All designed solutions will come with a 5 year warranty and be manufactured to relevant Eurpoean standards, and will be manufactured to meet the requirements of the streetscape design including currect required lux levels and light spread to suit the existing pole centres.

The unit come with a tested life of 50,000 hours

Existing ballast and starter must be removed before installation.

Retrofitting of Existing Street Lights

Designed in UK, and manufactued in Europe, components from Europe and Asia



+ 5 years on retro fit unit


Option Two

We have two options for replacing existing light engines whilst continuing to use the existing frame, cover and seals, both these options can be site fitted in minutes.

Designed in Europe, and manufactued in Asia.



+ 5 years on retro fit unit

Option One

Option Two

Option Two

A 27w replacement light head with an E27 fitting designed with a detailed aluminium heatsink with the led chips encased in resin to make this light robust and resistant to vibrations.

The unit comes with a tested life span of 50,000 hours

Existing ballast and starter must be removed before installation

Cannot be used as a designed solution, just a replacement for

up to 70w traditional

Option One


Option One


Option Two

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