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UK Designed, European Manufactured

BS EN 61000-6-3:1997



... quality designed LED solutions



Easi LED Lux Award 2013

Working with:

Design services 'plus':

Client focused design services

As a company we, along with our design and manufacturing partners, take an individual approach with our clients.


We make available the resources of our qualified UK based technical and design experts, and the manufacturing skills of our UK and European based manufacturers.


We realise we may be in discussion with our clients at various stages in the decision process so we aim to be relevent at whatever stage the decision maker is it:


+ consultations, surveys

+ full existing lighting audits

+ preperation of project design for upgrading of existing lighting

+ implementation of agreed pilot projects

+ specific tailered development of specific lighting systems, as per clients brief.

+ system training

+ full turnkey project options


We will offer this service within UK and Ireland, and liasoning with our partners in West Africa and Asia

'Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual'


                Edward Tufte