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UK Designed, European Manufactured

BS EN 61000-6-3:1997



... quality designed LED solutions



Easi LED Lux Award 2013

Working with:

The LED Lighting 'plus' advantage:


We believe the 'plus' stands for the properly designed solution for each application

Why ?

Because then you can maximise the energy savings, minimise the maintenance and wastage - and offer a cost effective retrofit solution, if applicable.

We can offer three different designed soutions for your street illumination requirements:

+ New  integrated designed LED gear trays, matched to your existing light housing

+ New LED light heads, designed to meet your European road classification

+ New LED Solar powered street light units, with lithium battery storage

Project Designed Solutions 

Quality designed and manufactured

All our LED streetlighting options, have been designed in UK and Ireland, and are manufactured to surpass the weather conditions and strict regulations for the European market, all products [unless clearly stated] come with the following certifications:


+ ISO 9001:2008

+ CE Quality Assurance

+ EN61000-6-3:1997

+ EN61000-6-1:1997

+ AQAP 2110

+ Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

+ Electrical Safety Class II

+ Warranty: 50,000 hours, or 10 years

+ Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy Body


Designed solutions - for maximum energy savings and performance

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New LED Street Lighting Luminaires

Solar Powered LED Street Lighting Systems

Retro fitted LED Street Lamps

Outdoor fitted LED light options

60W 2 Helios 3
Easi LED Lux Award 2013

We partner with EASi LED for our lighting solutions, designed in Ireland and manufactured with care and precision to produce products of quality.

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